Getting started

npm run install:pre
npm install

Creating & synching new repo from the ultimate-jekyll template

  1. Navigate to and click Use this template or just generate it here.
  2. In the next window, name the new repository and choose an organization to host the repository.
  3. Create a branch called master, then make master the default branch, and finally delete the branch called template.
  4. Open the newly created repository on GitHub and click Open in Desktop then choose location using GitHub desktop.
  5. In the repo’s settings add a secret called ACCESS_TOKEN and paste a GitHub token that has write permissions for this repo.
  6. Open Terminal and do the following commands or simply npm run template:setup
    • git remote add upstream
    • git remote set-url --push upstream no_push
    • git fetch upstream template
    • If prompted, enter username and password/GitHub access token
    • git merge upstream/template --allow-unrelated-histories
    • Type :quit then press enter
  7. Go back into GitHub desktop on the new repo and press Push in top bar.
  8. Initialize the new repo by entering these commands in Terminal:
    • npm run install:pre
    • npm install
    • npm start

Get changes from the ultimate-jekyll template

Perform the following steps or simply run npm run template:update

  1. Open GitHub Desktop and select the project (not ultimate-jekyll, the project requiring an update from it).
  2. Change current branch to template.
  3. Then press Fetch upstream.
  4. Then Pull upstream.
  5. Change current branch to master.
  6. Click Choose branch to merge into master from the branch dropdown (at the bottom).
  7. Select template from the list.
  8. Click the blue Merge template into master button.
  9. Press Push origin in the top right.

Run a local https server

  1. Execute:
    • npm run create:cert
    • npm run prototype:https
  2. Press cmd + option + i on the webpage that opens.
  3. Go to Security tab and press Show certificate.
  4. Drag the certificate to your Desktop then double-click it
  5. Double-click it when it has opened in keychain
  6. Open the trust dropdown and change it to always trust

Things to regularly update on ultimate-jekyll

Things to regularly update on web-manager